Unconscious Excellence Peter S Adler Ph.D

Unconscious Excellence Peter S Adler Ph.D

An Exploration of Mastery and Incompetence

In conjunction with the MATA 10th Anniversary event, in which Peter Adler is running a two day workshop on Mastery in Mediation, we are delighted to make available to you this distinctive paper, in which he explores the dangers of being too familiar with what we do.

Peter delves into ones habitual behaviours of falling from unconscious competence (i.e we do it well without knowing it) to conscious incompetence (i.e we are on autopilot).

This paper forms a back drop or companion to the two day workshop which he will run on 10th and 11th July at Cumberland Lodge where he will look at mastery in a comparative sense. The aim of the workshop is to:

  • Explore the inner and outer geographies of mediation
  • Arouse intellectual and emotional curiosities
  • Celebrate and inspire the totality of our work and its variations.

View the paperĀ Unconscious Excellence and get a teaser of the two day workshop next month details of which are hereĀ Mastery in Mediation workshop

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