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How Mediators can help save the Planet

How Mediators can help save the Planet

Conflict, Climate change and Environmental Catastrophe: How Mediators can help save the planet.

By Kenneth Cloke

We are delighted to present to you this paper written by Kenneth Cloke in which he explores and analyses:


There is a more detailed chain of logic that can be offered to support these ideas that proceeds as follows. As human populations have grown more numerous and technologically advanced, we have naturally had a greater ecological impact on the planet. Simply by not paying attention for centuries and seeking to maximize our separate competitive short-term advantage as nations, corporations, and separated communities, we have wasted exhaustible resources, despoiled and desecrated our environment, and created the preconditions for mass extinction and global catastrophe. As a consequence, it is no longer possible to pursue non-sustainable approaches to survival, particularly those that aggravate the problems we already face. Instead, these problems demand not only the collective attention of everyone, but respectful, collaborative, democratic ways of communicating; complex, creative, paradoxical ways of solving problems, and interest-based methods for resolving conflicts over how to address them. Without these shifts, 

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